Hanging Bridges, Boquete – Experience Panama’s Cloud Forest

The hanging bridges in Boquete are one of the best day trips from town. Take in the views of dense cloud forest from above as you traverse six hanging bridges, ranging from 10 to 75 metres above the ground.

Not only are Boquete’s hanging bridges a great way to challenge yourself but they also offer the chance to take in the jungle environment in a novel way, enhancing your opportunity to see rare and exotic wildlife. 

If you want to experience the hanging bridges, you’re in the right place. I’ll tell you what to prepare for your visit, the cheapest way to get there and what else there is to do at the site. 

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Hanging Bridges, Boquete – A Guide

Visiting the Hanging Bridges Independently vs a Tour

It is not possible to visit the Hanging Bridges without a tour. However, there are still ways to keep costs down. Even though hostels and tour agencies across the city will offer tours to the Hanging Bridges, they are all outsourced to the same company: Boquete Tree Trek.

Boquete Tree Trek office
Boquete Tree Trek office.

With an office in Los Establos Plaza, Boquete Tree Trek offers the best price for the tour. If you book through your accommodation, you are likely to pay around $5USD more for the privilege. Booking in Los Establos Plaza not only saves you money but means that you can ask any questions directly to the people that run the tour. 

In case you’re wondering what the tour details are, I’ve listed them below:

  • Price: 30USD
  • Tour times: 08:00, 10:00, 13:00
  • Duration: 3.5-4 hours
  • Included: Bilingual guide (Spanish and English), activity entrance fee and return transport to/from Plaza Los Establos.
Boquete tree trek transport
The transport for Boquete Tree Trek.

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Where to Find the Boquete Tree Trek Office

What to Expect When Visiting Boquete’s Hanging Bridges

The Hanging Bridge tour is essentially a cloud forest trek that features six bridges. In total, the hike is around 4.5km and reaches heights of 1,660 to 1,827 m.a.s.l. While there are some uphill sections, the hike is doable by most people of a decent fitness level, including older, active people. Owing to the terrain and the presence of stairs, this tour is not suitable for wheelchair users. It would be a great activity to do with kids though!

The beautiful Resplendent Quetzal!

The guide will lead you around the trail circuit, allowing plenty of time for rest stops if needed. Along the way, they will tell you about the cloud forest and the nature that can be found there. Keep your eyes peeled when you’re hiking as you never know what wildlife you might see – we were lucky enough to spot a Resplendent Quetzal during our hike! 

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If you’re afraid of heights, you may find this activity challenging. The bridges wobble a little although they are perfectly safe. As someone who suffers from a fear of heights, I was a little bit intimidated by the bridges but after I’d completed the first one, I was able to ease into the experience. 

Crossing the hanging bridges
I really enjoyed visiting the hanging bridges, even though I don’t like heights!

Bridge four arguably presents the best views and it is possible to see right over the town of Boquete. See if you can spot Volcan Baru, the highest point in Panama! 

Bear in mind that the rainy season in Panama lasts from around June to November. Although the Hanging Bridges tour is still very doable at this time of year, it will be muddy and slippery on the trail. 

Hanging Bridge trek
The hanging bridges trail can get muddy.

What to Bring to the Hanging Bridges Tour

  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Long trousers/pants
  • Insect repellent
  • Suncream 
  • Rain jacket
  • Water 
Shoes on the bridge
You should wear closed-toe shoes if you are visiting Boquete’s hanging bridges!

Top tip! We weren’t asked to show it but you are legally required to carry your passport at all times if you are an international tourist in Panama. 

Other Activities at Boquete Tree Trek

As well as offering the Hanging Bridges Tour, Boquete Tree Trek also offers a range of other activities. Even though these tours are offered all over town, Boquete Tree Trek offers the best prices. They include:

  • Panamanian Rum tour
  • Tea tour
  • Coffee tour 
  • Canopy Tour (Ziplining)
Canopy zip-line
You can also go ziplining at Boquete Tree Trek!

Places to Stay in Boquete 

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Bambuda Castle ($) 

Ever wanted to stay in an actual castle?! Here’s your chance! Located 2 km from the town centre, this quirky hostel offers both dorm beds and private rooms. Although breakfast is not included in the room rate, it is a cheap and cheerful offering which is easily added on. 

Selina ($$)

A flashpacker offering tailored to longer-term travellers and digital nomads, you’ll want for nothing at this sophisticated hostel cum restaurant. Daily events are hosted at the hostel so you’re sure to find your community. 

Boquete Garden Inn ($$)

For a more rural stay, head to Boquete Garden Inn, situated out of town. It is a great choice for nature lovers who want to spot local wildlife and be in a tranquil environment. If you’re looking for space and privacy, this is a great choice. 

Find more guesthouses, hostels and hotels in Boquete here.

Have you visited Boquete’s Hanging Bridges yet?