Torrin Pools, Isle of Skye – Scotland’s Idyllic Marble Pools

The Torrin Pools (also known as the Marble Pools) on the Isle of Skye are a lesser-known gem. While crowds of people flood to the Fairy Pools, this alternative wild swimming spot is equally as charming and sees but a fraction of the crowds. 

If the Torrin Pools are on your Skye bucket list, listen up! I’m going to reveal everything you need to know about this beautiful spot, from how to get there and how they measure up compared to the Fairy Pools. 

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A Guide to Discovering Skye’s Marble Pools 

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Torrin Pools Map

What are the Torrin Pools?

Located in the shadow of the Black Cuillin, the Torrin Pools are a series of waterfalls in Torrin on the Isle of Skye. Despite their proximity to the road, they are relatively unknown and see few visitors by Skye standards.

The Torrin Pools, also called the Marble Pools, have been likened to a miniature version of the Fairy Pools, a popular and well-known attraction in the west of Skye, close to Carbost. 

There is a beautiful walk on either side of the pools which heads into the hills under the watchful eye of Bla Bheinn. It is also possible to go wild swimming in the pools – a must-do activity while you are on the island. 

Stream in Torrin
The Cuillin overlooks the stream which leads to the Torrin Pools.

Best Time to Visit the Torrin Pools

While the summer months are the most popular time to visit the Isle of Skye, they are also the busiest. To avoid the bulk of the crowds, I’d advise visiting during the shoulder season months of April, May and September. Temperatures will be cooler during this time however, you will enjoy a less frenetic island!

Bear in mind that if you would like to swim at the pools, the best time is likely to be the summer months, however, good weather and warm days aren’t guaranteed in Scotland – even during summer! 

Waterfall at Torrin
We got super lucky with the weather the last time we visited the pools!

Wild Swimming at the Torrin Pools

There are a few places to wild swim on the Isle of Skye and the Marble Pools at Torrin are undoubtedly one of the most scenic. Don’t miss the first and deepest pool which sits hidden, a short distance from the road. 

Waterfalls characterise the entire series of pools, however, there are only a couple of impressive cascades that drop into pools suitable for wild swimming. 

Swimming Pools at Torrin
There are a few swimming spots along the stream.

If you want to swim here, I’d advise visiting during the shoulder season or in the evening. There are a few lay-bys close to this spot which are frequented by those travelling in campers. They sometimes use the pools as a washing spot in the mornings. 

The evenings are quieter but beware, if you visit during the summer months, this is prime highland midge time.

Torrin Pools vs. Fairy Pools

A lot of comparisons get thrown around between the Marble Pools at Torrin and the more popular Fairy Pools close to Carbost. Both are well worth a visit and come with different advantages. 

Torrin Pools with tree 2
Torrin Pools are just a stone’s throw from the road.

The Fairy Pools are the busiest of the two, however, the sheer number of visitors means that lots of investment has been channelled into the maintenance of the site. There is a bridge to make the pools more accessible and the walking trail is also well maintained. 

At the Torrin Pools, you will undoubtedly see fewer people, however, if you want to see all the pools have to offer, the walking trail is rougher. Luckily though, the main pools are accessible a very short distance from the road, making this a great spot for those unable to walk too far. 

Hiking into hills at Torrin
Following alongside the stream at Torrin.

Both falls have long trails which you can follow on foot and in my opinion, the Torrin Pools are more consistently impressive. However, the water here is a little peaty, whereas the water at the Fairy Pools is crystal clear. 

When it comes to wild swimming, both offer a chilly experience! While the Torrin Pools are generally quieter, there are still busy times of day which see clusters of visitors in the summer months. If you mistime your visit, you will likely have to share the pools. 

Car park area
The car park close to Torrin Pools.

Torrin Pools FAQs

Is there parking close to the Torrin Pools? 

Yes, there is a small lay-by close to the Torrin Pools. There is also some parking on the other side of the road. 

How do I get to the Torrin Pools?

You can search for the Torrin Pools on Google Maps. Simply head towards Elgol along the shores of Loch Slapin. Park up in Torrin to see the pools. 

Can I take my dog to the Torrin Pools? 

Are there facilities close to the Torrin Pools? 

Are there facilities close to the Torrin Pools? 

Elgol is a twenty-minute drive from the Torrin Pools and has public toilets, shops and a couple of eateries. Near the pools, you will find a snack wagon during the summer months. This sells fast food such as burgers and hot dogs.  

What accommodation is close to Torrin Pools?

If you are looking for accommodation close to the Torrin Pools, you’ll find the Torrin Bunkhouse, ideal for budget travellers. It provides beautiful views out to Loch Slapin and Bla Bheinn. Strath Glebe holiday home at Kilbride is a beautiful option for families and large groups travelling together. For a highland stay that you won’t forget in a hurry, check out Tigh Phadraig at Marys Thatched Cottages, traditional thatched cottages with a warm and cosy interior. 

Have you visited the Torrin Pools yet? Share your experience in the comments below!