My Pick Of The Most Magical Travel Experiences in Southeast Asia

Trek through the mountainside town of Sapa

If you’ve ever needed motivation to get fit then this is it. Sapa is home to some of the most stunning mountain vistas in the whole of South East Asia but by gosh you will have to work hard to see them. Try not to be too jealous of the locals who will navigate the hills like mountain goats without even breaking a sweat.


Sunrise over Angkor Was

Watch the sunrise over Angkor Wat

If you speak to anyone who has visited Cambodia, this is likely to be their number one tip for getting the most out of your visit. Granted, the idea of getting out of bed at 4am to sit by a lake in the pitch black is nothing short of soul destroying, but I promise that this is a sight well worth the effort. Check out my guide to getting the best out of your Cambodia trip.


Malaysian Rainforest

Take a peek into the rainforest

It can be easy to overlook the activity that is going on around you so don’t forget to take a step back and peer in a bit closer. Most importantly, be patient and take it slow. Forgetting where you are for even a few seconds can have scary consequences; Tim learnt this the hard way when he came face to face with a bird eating spider!


Sunset on a beautiful Thai beach

Swim with the bioluminescent plankton

You know when you’re watching an Attenborough documentary and see a feat of nature so amazing it leaves you completely awestruck? Well this is one of those experiences. Head out for a late night snorkel and watch as the plankton make the sea more sparkly than a Lush bath bomb.


Washing Asian elephants in the river

Experience Elephants – the ethical way

Help to revolutionise the animal tourism market and volunteer at an elephant rehabilitation centre for the opportunity to get up close to these gentle giants. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is an impersonal experience, I found out firsthand what the whiskers on an elephants face feel like during my visit to Elephant Haven.


Beautiful sunset over the Mekong

Enjoy a sunset cruise along the Mekong

This river is the beating heart of hundreds of Asian communities and hugely important to traditional folklore. Listen to local myths and legends as you admire the striking pastel streaked skies.


Luminescent super trees

Lose yourself in Singapore’s Garden Rhapsody lightshow

As this performance is best appreciated from below, it does mean that yes, you should be plastered to the ground for the full experience.  Whilst you may initially get a few strange looks when you drop to the floor and lay down, you will be surprised at how many others become willing to sacrifice their dignity after craning their neck muscles for a few minutes.


What magical experiences have you had in South East Asia?

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