10 Signs You Belong On The Road

1. People no longer find you interesting.

On the road, everyone wants to know about that time you accidentally ate horse tendon but at home, everyone just thinks you love the sound of your own voice.

 2. You have no desire to start utilising your wardrobe again.

After living out of a backpack for months on end it is hard to fathom why you ever thought you needed five pairs of jeans especially when those tatty elephant pants are so much more comfortable.

3. You can’t sleep.

The most exciting thing about going home was the thought of getting into your own bed. So why the heck can’t you sleep? After roughing it for so long it all just seems a bit too peaceful. Maybe the snoring that used to keep you awake in the dorm wasn’t such a bad thing, at least you were surrounded by like-minded people then.

4. Journeys on public transport are so short!

Our 'VIP' bus in Vietnam, this is probably one vehicle that didn't belong on the road!

Long gone are the days where you have to spend fifteen hours on board a cramped ‘VIP’ bus crossing the length of Vietnam. How are you meant to keep up with your podcasts with only a twenty-minute journey every day?!

5. You marvel at all of the useless stuff you own.

I know Pokemon cards were a must have in 1997 but it is time to move on. Get all that old junk on eBay and you could end up making yourself a buck or two for the travel fund.

6. You now have more friends that live abroad than you do in your hometown.

It may be a bit rubbish when you’re struggling to find a pub buddy but it’s great when you need a Texas tour guide!

7. You quickly begin to live a very frugal lifestyle.

Travel guidebooks- the only thing worth buying when you belong on the road!

Living at home is just too expensive. The only thing you can bear spending any money on is guidebooks and that is only so you can start saving and planning your next trip.

8. You don’t want to start looking after yourself again.

Let’s be honest, you’ve become a bit of a mess. It’s no longer acceptable to eat street food for two weeks in a row or have a beer every lunchtime.

9. You miss getting lost in the cloud of different languages around you.

Now that you are back home, you can understand everything that everyone says and it’s just boring. How are you meant to maintain your Spanish fluency if no-one around you speaks it anymore?

10. You’re constantly thinking about where to go next.

Whether it is looking through your Instagram photos or catching up with the latest episode of Travel Stories, the only time you really feel at home is when you are lost in thoughts of wanderlust. It might be time to book that next trip!

10 Signs You Belong On The Road

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8 thoughts on “10 Signs You Belong On The Road”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this! Every point was bang on. Especially number 8… that is me! I have to try to stop myself from ordering a beer at lunch! I’m off to SE Asia again next month and boy am I looking forward to it!

  2. What a great post. I have all 10 but particularly number 6. I have way more friends around the world then at home. I am also constantly thinking of where to go next. . . . . which is why I have been on the road for 5 months now 🙂

    • Amazing! It’s great to be connected to so many different people around the globe. That’s awesome, where are you heading next? 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh #1 is hilarious! The rest are so true, too! Traveling just makes life so much better, doesn’t it? Thanks for sharing and joining Fly Away Friday, hope to see you again this week! xo

  4. These are seriously true about enjoying the life of being on the road! I seriously could relate to most of these! I always am looking at where to go next. Thank you for joining Fly Away Friday! Hope to see you this week!


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